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What is Triton?

Triton Consulting Group is the leading communications consulting firm for small government entities in the greater Texas area. Much like the operator who handles the water services, or the engineer that plans and maintains district projects, Triton is a consultant to the Board of a District that advises and guides them in all matters of public outreach and information dissemination.

Our role is to help districts develop communication tools and adopt strategies to improve transparency in initiatives and projects while bolstering the avenues and success of communication with the community.

Residents have come to expect instant, up-to-date, and district-relevant information to their digital devices; they want to share district news and updates on social media platforms like Facebook and Nextdoor, and receive emergency alerts as a crisis progresses. If efficient and quality communication does not come from the district itself, they will try to find it elsewhere which leads to bad information being shared and repeated throughout the community, making it impossible to correct the further it is shared.

What We Provide

Technology and public expectations have grown exponentially since the inception of municipal and service districts. As every district’s needs are unique, we have both turn-key services packages and the ability to tailor the right amount of communication features for each district that engages us. District services can range from outreach initiatives, community educational and awareness programs, online presence development, public sector PR and crisis management, emergency alert services, and more.

Have some news your residents need to know? Need your residents to understand a Bond Election? Need to alert your residents to a problem at your facilities? Want to push news out to your community? Triton is here to help. Call or email us.

Triton also brings to the table our experience for implementation of new technology. These IT tools include remote plant management tools, emergency facility alerts, managed director devices, and document management, allowing them to feel confident that the technology and tools they adopt will be not only functional but will also be leveraged for maximum utility.