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The Future of Facility Technology - part 1

June 11th, 2018

Triton's technology division is in the process of constructing a miniaturized model of a working monitoring system. While the components are all miniaturized many of the components used are the actual hardware used in municipal facility operations. 

diorama GST and Liftstation for monitoring

This model will deliver real-time data to a tablet and smartphone via WAN transmission, allowing access to facility data trending and setpoint alerts from anywhere. This level of control and awareness is now being implemented both on ground-up installations, as well as retrofitting existing facilities to achieve a level of operations never before possible with existing hardware.

diorama model of GST and liftstation

This fully functional diorama will make short work of demonstrating the purpose and necessity of upgrading existing facilities to newer technology to extend useful life and give greater operational awareness.

Diorama operational schematic

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