Texas HB 3834 – Cyber Security Awareness & How to Comply

Texas HB 3834 – Cyber Security Awareness & How to Comply

What is HB 3834?

Recently the Texas government community was made aware of a house bill (HB 3834) that was passed requiring most elected officials to take Cyber Security Awareness training.

This passed for quite some time under the radar and only recently has the industry become aware of its requirements. This bill requires all local government officials in the State of Texas to have completed Cyber Security Awareness training by June 14th, 2020.

The only exception being: “A local government that employs a ‘dedicated information resources cybersecurity officer’ may use a cybersecurity training program that satisfies the statutory content requirements. In this scenario, training program certification is not required.”

In most cases, such as a Special Purpose District Board of Directors (MUDs, MMDs, ESDs, etc…), the training is required and holds to the same June 14th deadline.

The original HB 3834 can be referenced here.

How Do We Comply?

Compliance requires the local government or municipality to have its elected officials complete a training course that has been certified by Texas Department of Information Resources (Texas DIR). For the Texas DIR description of the requirements please see this page.

In an effort to aid local government with compliance, Triton Consulting Group has partnered with Red Tiger Security to administer and deliver the training and provide certification in time for this June 14th deadline.

Currently, the training program is offered to be delivered at a public meeting, on-site, with all of the elected officials present. This may be conducted by simply scheduling a Special Meeting with a corresponding agenda item for Cyber Security Awareness Training.

Training is currently being scheduled starting March 1st, 2020 through June 12th, 2020. For more information please see this Cyber Security Awareness Training Overview.

To schedule training please submit this Application.