HB 3834 Remote Training Now Live

HB 3834 Remote Training Now Live

Online Training Option

During last year’s legislative session, the State passed house bill (HB 3834) requiring most elected officials to take Cyber Security Awareness training.  The bill requires all local government officials in the State of Texas to have completed the training by June 14, 2020.  This includes Special Purpose District Board of Directors (MUDs, MMDs, ESDs, etc…) To expedite compliance, Triton Consulting Group has partnered with Red Tiger Security to administer and deliver an online training program and provide certification in time for the June 14, 2020 deadline.

Texas DIR details and annual compliance timeline can be referenced here.

The original HB 3834 can be referenced here.

What Makes this Training Unique?

Triton’s program has been certified by Texas Department of Information Resources (Texas DIR).  The course has been tailored specifically for Special Purpose Districts, providing content relevant to its board members and consultants. The one-hour program is a convenient way to complete the training requirement from home while getting industry-relevant insight.

Access the Online Training

To complete the training, please click the image below to watch the video and then submit proof of completion using the link.  Triton will provide a certificate of course completion for submission to your district’s legal counsel or your organization for compliance.

Watch the video now

Proof of Completion

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