SB 2 – Texas Property Tax Reform and Relief Act & How to Comply

SB 2 – Texas Property Tax Reform and Relief Act & How to Comply

What is SB 2?

As part of the 86th Legislative Session, the Texas Legislature passed Senate Bill 2 which mandates most local government entities with property taxing authority share annual financial information with the public online as well as provide information to the applicable appraisal district. Its primary purpose was to promote public transparency with entities like special purpose districts to create “truth in taxation” and to encourage showing the public “where the money is being spent”.

While the statute has been on the books since 2019, most districts are just now beginning the process of compliance.

The original SB 2 can be viewed here.

How Do We Comply?

To meet the requirements of the bill, government entities must compile and post certain financial information and contact information for the entity on a publicly available website. The required documents include:

  • Past, Current and Proposed Budgets,
  • Past,Current, and Proposed Tax Rates,
  • Board Contact Information,
  • and more
The deadline for compliance was January 1, 2020.

To meet this demand, Triton Consulting Group created a public space to host the required documents and information. Provided on a subscription basis, the program ensures ongoing compliance including updates to the records as they change and recurring audits of the documents.

While we also do full-blown websites, we are here to assist with your immediate needs for SB 2 compliance.

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