Remote Meeting Integration Service

Remote Meeting Integration Service

The Future of Public Meetings?

On March 16, 2020, in response to the COVID-19 outbreak, Governor Abbott suspended the in person requirement of the Open Meetings Act, hurling special purpose districts into unfamiliar waters.  How do you continue to conduct business when it is no longer safe to meet in person?  Some districts cancelled meetings, but most figured out ways to conduct meetings via teleconference, or video conference.

As the COVID-19 health emergency drags on, boards are beginning to consider what the new normal will be.  Some are eager to get back to business as usual, while others are taking a more conservative approach.  But it is not simply a choice of in person or fully remote.  Leverage technology and blend remote attendance into an on-site meeting, creating a solution that fits the needs of your board. 

Flexibility, Inclusion, Transparency

The health of your attendees
Do your attendees have underlying health concerns that make in person meetings risky?  They can continue to stay socially distant using technology to facilitate attendance while those who are comfortable meeting in person, can.  

Resident Attendance
Offering residents the ability to attend remotely can provide greater transparency for your constituents and help build goodwill.  

Complex Schedules
Do you have trouble fitting meetings around directors’ work and travel schedules? Offer a remote attendance option and avoid the hassle of rescheduled meetings.

Consultant Resources
Consultants can appear “on demand” for meetings, rather than sit through lengthy discussions beyond the scope of their services.

Travel Time & Expenses
Reduce or completely eliminate travel time and create a very real cost savings for the District. 

Packaged Service Options

We have bundled remote meeting services to provide a simple, turn-key simply package designed specifically for a plug-and-play experience. For more unique situations, we also offer customized tailored services to fit whatever the needs may be.

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