Conference Preparation Goes High-Tech

Conference Preparation Goes High-Tech

Conference preparation can be a tedious task. Speakers and panelists work hard to develop the right message for their presentations. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the task has taken an interesting new turn. For the first time, the AWBD Summer Conference will be held in a virtual format, posing a new set of challenges for conference contributors.

Ironically, Triton Consulting Group and Inframark‘s seminar topic, “Transparency & Technology – 20/20 Vision for 2020 & Braving the New Post-Covid-19 World” ties in perfectly with this new conference plan. The session focuses on the benefits of embracing modern technological tools to enhance transparency for your residents and offers tips on the best ways to achieve it. Rather than shying away from technology as the industry has traditionally been inclined to do, the session urges boards to lean into it.

Triton’s David Aitken, Chris Daniel, and Inframark’s Mark Yentzen took their own advice to heart as they met at Inframark’s Houston Headquarters to record the conference session. Combining content produced remotely using an online platform, with onsite recordings, the presentation came together over the course of the day. It will be broadcast through AWBD’s online conference portal on August 8th at 10:40 a.m. Session attendees will be able to ask questions during a live online chat.

Inframark’s commitment to technology in operations and their approach to customer service has been long-standing. Their Principles of Pure Partnership reflect this commitment. Triton is proud to have the opportunity to appear on the virtual stage with Inframark.