Wastewater Spills from Tropical Storm Beta

Wastewater Spills from Tropical Storm Beta

Despite the fact that Beta never turned into a hurricane, its slow-moving track still created major headaches in and around the Houston area with heavy rain and localized flooding.  That flooding had an unpleasant side effect in parts of Houston.  The City of Houston reports that more than 500,000 gallons of wastewater spilled as a result of flooding from Beta. At this time, those who get water from the City of Houston ARE NOT under a boil water notice, but residents nearby who have private wells are.

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Situations like this present a unique challenge for special purpose districts.  Does your district have a way to get word out to your residents in an emergency? How will you let users know that their drinking water is safe or that they need to boil their water prior to drinking?  An emergency alert system allows districts to communicate quickly when issues arise.

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