Empower Your District

Empower Your District

Triton has found a way to help its clients stay ahead of their residents. Over the past 2 years, the need for directors and consultants to use technology has become increasingly clear—first during the COVID-19 pandemic and then in the effort to meet new legislative requirements. Triton strives to provide tools and technology to help board members meet these needs. 

To provide our clients with better district management, easier access to meeting materials, and instant information , Triton is now offering invitation only access to our Board Tablet Program to a limited number of clients. 

Board Tablets from Triton

With a single touch, access to your meeting reports, agendas, dedicated district email accounts, important calendar events, virtual meetings, industry websites, and more. Our tablets come fully loaded with the district’s most up-to-date documents including previous meeting agendas, minutes, district photos and videos, custom apps, and a prefilled district calendar. 

This exclusive program is being offered to our current clients for a limited time only. These tablets are designed and programmed for each district. Whether your board is still meeting in a hybrid virtual mode, or you’ve been able to reacclimate to the boardroom, your documents are at your fingertips, before, during and after the meeting.

Are you ready to empower your district? Ask us how.