Creative consulting
Triton uses over 15 years of industry experience to balance the most effective and modern solutions for public sector success.
Transparency for all
We make Districts easily accessible to the public and work to create positive rapport between boards and their community.
Technology tools
We are founded by forward-thinking, tech savvy individuals that ensure our client districts are positioned to leverage available technologies best suited to their needs.

Professional Services

Our role is to help districts develop communication tools and adopt strategies to improve transparency in initiatives and projects while bolstering the avenues and success of communication, both internally between the board and consultants, and externally with district residents.

  • Triton takes strategies and practices from private sector and adapts them for public sector use. Public awareness is gained via concerted outreach efforts along with specific identity tools to build trust and recognition with residents.
  • The future health and sustainability of districts can be heavily dependent upon access to adequate capital. Currently the most viable tool for funding are municipal bonds. However, authorization of bonds depend upon public support. Allying with your public while maintaining transparency is an art that requires the right artist.
  • Sending the right message is an art. Communicating clear content and information that is not only legally compliant, but publicly digestible requires not only the right message, but the right medium.
  • Our times have seen an ever increasing demand for ease of access to information. Bridging the gap between information being public and being accessible requires professional management and constant maintenance.
  • Implementing the right tools and solution to improve both the efficiency and capabilities of district management requires both industry familiarity and the experience to make the right decisions. We work to implement policies and practices that ensure it is done right the first time.

Tailored Tools

Our 15 years of experience have provided clear and workable solutions that we hand-tailor to best fit our client districts to ensure maximum utility, including:

  • Being transparent dictates having your information easily accessible online. Putting online a legally compliant public sector website can be tricky. Triton not only builds and hosts them, but also ensures they are compliant.
  • The ability to inform and warn constituents and residents of important news, emergencies, and relevant matters quickly can make all the of the difference when it comes to mitigation and protecting your public.


    We specifically design platforms for just that purpose.

  • Ensure your District and its public are being as economical as possible with specialized tools. From rate simulation software to public education initiatives, we ensure your District and residents are stretching their utilities and dollars as far as possible.
  • Running multi-million dollar public sector entities effectively requires the use of technology and tools. However, funding an IT department, specially trained to understand public sector is costly… Triton fills this gap by providing full-range IT support for its clients and the systems and tools needed.
  • Effective leadership and board operation requires educated and engaged board members. By going paperless and upgrading to digital documents board members have 24/7 access to all reports, documents, and the crucial data needed to make informed decisions and to manage faster and more effective meetings.
  • Public sector entities that communicate via email are subject to open records per The Freedom of Information Act. By conducting business on personal emails or even business emails, elected officials risk intertwining these with public business. Best practices dictate using emails accounts specifically for public business only. Triton is the expert in creating these platforms and helping adopt practices and policies to best serve boards and protect them properly.
  • Effective public-sector entities require an engaged board with the right tools. Triton provides these tools.


    Specially configured devices with full support are available for lease to allow boards to operate with more control while removing the need for hiring IT professionals, developing practices and protocols, and all the hassle of public surplus.

Statistical Results

We believe success and results are measurable by statistics, not words.

Here are some of our statistics.

Subscribed Residents

Using our tools, client districts have a reach of more than 25,000 residents.

Eco Friendly Meetings

Digital documents save each district more than 11,000 sheets of paper annually.

Faster Meetings

Effective communications policies yield average time savings of 54 hours per year.

What Our Customers Say

Our client districts and professional affiliates were asked about their experiences with engaging Triton.

This is what they said:

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